Safety Operating Regulations for Injection Molding Machines

Safety Operating Regulations for Injection Molding Machines


Check whether there is any foreign matter in the hopper. No items are allowed to be stored above the hopper. The cover of the hopper should be covered to prevent dust and debris from falling into the hopper.

Safety Operating Regulations for Injection Molding Machines
In order to obtain qualified plastic products and ensure the safety of people and equipment, this regulation is specially formulated:
1. Preparations before starting the injection molding machine
1. Wear labor protection products as required before starting production.
2. Clean up the environment around the equipment, and don't store anything unrelated to production.
3. Clean up the debris inside and outside the workbench and equipment, and wipe the injection seat guide rail and the tie rod of the clamping part with clean cotton yarn.
4. Check whether the control switches, buttons, electrical circuits, operating handles, and hand wheels of the equipment are damaged or malfunctioning. The switches and handles should be in the "off" position.
5. Check whether the safety protection devices of each part of the equipment are intact and work sensitively and reliably. Check whether the test "emergency stop" is effective and reliable, whether the safety door slides flexibly, and whether the limit switch can be touched when opening and closing.
6. The safety protection devices on the equipment (such as mechanical lock rods, stop plates, safety protection switches, etc.) are not allowed to move randomly, nor are they allowed to be modified or deliberately rendered ineffective.
7. Check whether the screws of each part are tightened and whether they are loose. If the parts are abnormal or damaged, they should report to the foreman, and the foreman can handle it by himself or notify the maintenance personnel to deal with it.
8. Check the cooling water pipelines, try to pass water, and check whether the water flow is unobstructed, blocked or dripping.
9. Check whether there is any foreign matter in the hopper. No items are allowed to be stored above the hopper. The cover of the hopper should be covered to prevent dust and debris from falling into the hopper.

2. Turn on the injection molding machine
1. Turn on the main power switch of the machine tool, check whether the equipment is leaking electricity, and preheat the barrel and mold according to the set process temperature requirements. When the barrel temperature reaches the process temperature, it must be kept for more than 20 minutes to ensure the temperature of each part of the barrel. Evenly.
2. Open the cooling water valve of the oil cooler, cool the oil return and water throat, and start the oil pump. If no abnormality is found, the oil pump can be started formally, and the operation can only be performed after "motor on" is displayed on the screen. Check Whether the function of the safety door is normal.
3. Manually start the screw rotation and check whether the screw rotation sound is abnormal or stuck.
4. The operator must use the safety door. If the safety door travel switch fails, the machine is not allowed to turn on, and it is strictly forbidden to operate without the safety door (cover).
5. All kinds of covers, protective covers, etc. of the electrical, hydraulic and rotating parts of the operating equipment should be covered and fixed.
6. Non-duty operators, without permission, are not allowed to press the buttons and handles, and two or more than two persons are not allowed to operate the same injection molding machine at the same time.
7. When placing molds and inserts, they must be stable and reliable. If abnormalities are found during mold clamping, stop immediately and notify relevant personnel to troubleshoot.
8. When repairing the machine or cleaning the mold for a long time (more than 10 minutes), you must first move the injection seat back to make the nozzle leave the mold, and turn off the motor. When the maintenance personnel repair the machine, the operator is not allowed to leave the job.
9. No one is allowed to start the motor when someone is handling the machine or mold.
10. When the body enters the machine tool or the mold is opened, the power must be cut off.
11. Avoid hitting the fixed mold with the injection seat when the mold is opened to prevent the fixed mold from falling off.
12. Air injection generally does not exceed 5 seconds each time. When two consecutive injections do not move, pay attention to informing nearby personnel to avoid the dangerous area. When cleaning the nozzle rubber head, it is not allowed to clean it directly by hand. Use iron tongs or other tools to avoid burns.
13. There are high temperature, high pressure and high power in the glue cylinder during the working process. It is forbidden to step on, climb and put objects on the glue cylinder to prevent burns, electric shocks and fires.
14. When the hopper is not unloading, it is not allowed to use metal rods and rods. Roughly poke the hopper to avoid damage to the split screen, shield and magnet frame in the hopper. If the screw is rotating, it is very easy to cause metal rods to be drawn into the machine. Serious damage to the cylinder equipment accident.
15. When abnormal noise, odor, sparks, oil leakage and other abnormal conditions are found during the operation of the machine tool, the machine should be shut down immediately and reported to the relevant personnel immediately, and the failure phenomenon and the possible cause of the occurrence should be explained.
16. Pay attention to safe operation, and do not allow any reason or excuse to make operation methods that may cause personal injury or damage the equipment.

Three, shutdown precautions
1. Close the hopper gate, and perform normal production until there is no material in the barrel or manually operate the air injection-pre-molding, and repeat it several times until no molten material is ejected from the nozzle.
2. If it is to produce corrosive materials (such as PVC), the barrel and screw must be cleaned with other raw materials when shutting down.
3. Separate the injection seat from the fixed template and the mold is in the open state.
4. Close the cooling water pipeline, turn the switches to the "off" position, and turn off the main power switch of the machine tool when the last shift of the holiday stops.
5. Clean up the machine tool, workbench and ground debris, oil stains and dust, and keep the workplace clean and tidy.