Handling methods and precautions when using semi-automatic bottle blowing machine

Time: 2019-05-15
Summary: How to deal with the troubles we encountered when using the semi-automatic bottle blowing machine and share the precautions
How to deal with the troubles we encountered when using the semi-automatic bottle blowing machine and share the precautions
  ① tool liquidation
  Be careful not to leave any tools or screws in the machine during maintenance. After the maintenance is completed, the goods should be cleared in time to ensure the safe operation of the machine.
  ②Mechanical lubrication
   Remember to add lubricating oil to the mechanical parts that need to be lubricated in time, such as manipulator, reducer, main engine bearing, mold guide column guide sleeve, internal and external bayonet, etc.
  ③Mould maintenance
The cooling water channel of the bottle blowing mold needs to be maintained with demineralized water. If the scale is formed, it should be cleaned up in time and do a monthly inspection; regular cleaning inside the mold cavity can be cleaned and wiped with professional detergents and medical alcohol, and Make sure that there are no detergent residues in the air holes and grooves; at the same time, the exhaust groove of the mold should be checked every month to prevent the exhaust holes from being blocked; the mold should be coated with anti-rust agent before being stored and placed in a dry and ventilated place Remember to store the extension rod vertically and check it regularly.
  ④ Regular maintenance
   Carry out a large-scale inspection of the whole machine on time, especially the inspection of important core components that wear out quickly, and be more careful.
  The following are the causes and solutions of the semi-automatic blow molding machine
   1. Light box water channel high temperature alarm.
   Disposal method: Disassemble the water channel to connect the rubber tube, purge the water channel with low-pressure gas and alcohol, and clean it.
   2. Jaw failure
   Handling method: adjust the height of the slide table, or the position of the gripper.
   3. Action stuck.
   Handling method: restart the machine.
   4. Cannot manually origin
   Handling method: Check whether the shifting one clamping jaw, the shifting two clamping jaws and the variable-pitch positioning plate are stuck in the corresponding positions. If not, manually lock them to the corresponding positions and then origin.
   5. Action is not in place
   Handling method: Check if something gets stuck. Adjust the gas flow valve.
   6. Exhaust sound too loud
   Handling method: Check whether the high-pressure exhaust muffler is damaged or falls off.
  7. Hypodermic unevenness
   Handling method: adjust the position of the embryo bucket.
The above are the faults and solutions in the process of semi-automatic blow molding machine.

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