CST 1.9 ton small Injection Molding Machine
CST 1.9 ton small Injection Molding Machine
CST 1.9 ton small Injection Molding Machine
CST 1.9 ton small Injection Molding Machine
CST 1.9 ton small Injection Molding Machine
CST 1.9 ton small Injection Molding Machine
CST 1.9 ton

Item specifics

Preform injection
Clamping Force
Warranty:1 year
1 year



Quick Details

Distance between Tie Bars:510*460mm Condition: New Type: Tube Head Injection
Injection Weight:206-328Ton Injection Rate:144 Opening Stroke:550mm
Power(W):10.95kw Certification:TUV CE After-sales Service :Video technical support
Warranty:1 Year Machine weight:4.3 Machine dimension(L*W*H):5.0 x 1.23 x 1.975
machine heating power:10.95 Space between tie-bars:262-378g Screw L/D ratio: 24.3-19.2
screw diameter:40mm-48mm product material can use:PP/PE/ABS/PS/PC/PA/POM/PET/PVC/ect injection pressure:123-229Mpa
Color:any color ctdent require

Machine Feature

1 Enhanced clamping mechanism to meet requirements for efficient production.
2 Excellent clamping features with optimized linkage mechanism to have faster and smooth operation.
3 Professional plasticizing unit is applicable for production of various raw materials, and to improve plasticize performance significantly.
4 Excellent injection performance with twin-cylinder injection mode, have more reliable and stable performance.
5 Professional platen optimization, the platen after finite element analysis and optimization has high rigidity and strength.
6 Centralized lubrication system with reliable protective configuration, quantitative distribution and centered lubrication, provide more professional lubrication protection and extend mechanical life.
7 New frame type structure, simple and clean appearance, with more reasonable stress on machine body and high rigidity.


Product specification

  Unit A B C D
Screw diameter mm 28 32 35 38
Screw L/D ratio L/D 24.3 21.3 19.5 18
Injection capacity in theory cm3 73 96 115 136
Injection weight(ps) g 67 87 105 123
oz 2.3 3 3.7 4.3
Injection pressure MPa 229 175 146 123
Injection rate g / s 40 55 66 74
Plasticizing capacity g / s 6 8 10 12
Screw speed rpm 190
Clamping force kN 650
Moving mould-plate stroke mm 270
Max.Mould height mm 300
Min.Mould height mm 100
Space between tie-bars mm 310x290
Hydraulic ejector force kN 27.5
Hydraulic ejector stroke mm 65
Ejector number n 1
Pump pressure MPa 16
Motor/Driving power kW 270
Heating capacity kW 7.4
Machine dimension m 3.53 x 1 x 1.75
Machine weight t 1.9
Oil tank capacity L 117

Supply Ability

Supply Ability:400 Set/Sets per Month 1.9t Injection Molding Machine

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging details Wooden pallet packaging, standard shipping packaging for injection molding machines Shanghai Port/Ningbo Port

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